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Along with our standard prices listed below for off the shelf cards, we also create bespoke cards from your brief, or will happily adapt any of our cards to suit your brand and requirements. To be honest, all our cards are bespoke to some degree.

When requesting changes over and beyond simple colour and texture changes, we will quote accordingly based upon our time. Please contact us to discuss full bespoke requirement and options available.


 Email Embedded Ecard

  •   Choice of backgrounds
  •   Your message
  •   Your logo/brand
  •   Linked to your website
  •   Designed for YOU!
  •   Embedded into HTML Email
  •   Charity support (if required)
  •   Social Media links (if required)


 Animated Ecard

  •   HTML5 Animations
  •   Apple ios compatible
  •   Android compatible
  •   Your message
  •   Your logo/brand
  •   Linked to your website
  •   Hosted by b2b unique URL
  •   HTML Email Invitation


 Video Ecard

  •   Works on all devices
  •   Choice of videos
  •   Your message
  •   Your logo/brand
  •   Designed for YOU!
  •   Hosted by b2b with unique URL
  •   Email Invitation (if required)
  •  Video supplied for Social Networks (if required)








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