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How does it work?
How much does it cost?
How many can I send?
How do I get a proof?

Everyone has questions... if they're not answered below, give us a call and we can help you!

 Can video cards be embedded into emails?

The simple answer is No. We host your eCard on our own server under a unique url for your company.

We then replicate the e-card as an invitiation which is embedded into an email, inviting the recipient to click to view the animated version.

With b2b cards, you can rest assured that no matter who receives your card, they will always see your message!

 Do b2b send the cards for me or do I send them?

NO! We'd rather not get into data protection issues especially with new GDPR requirements! When we did, we asked for hard concise lists and timing, but it was never the case that deadlines were met or adherred to.

So, we now provide you with everything you need to do this easily yourself. That way, when your MD asks for more to be sent on Christmas eve, you'll be able to do it quickly!

You can also track and action your returns and non-deliveries, whilst not having to worry about futher expense!

 Are your images free of licensing and royalty fees?

Absolutely! Every image we use for card backgrounds is fully legal to use for commercial purposes.

We have No hidden licensing or royalty costs and you are free to use the card we provide in your email marketing and on your coial media channels if you purchase a video.

Sometimes, we are asked to use a purchased stock image, which again is usually ok for you to use in your marketing material, but you may not resell the image. Please do check the licensing of any images you purchase though - it is getting stricter each year!

 How long does it take to create my proof?

Turn-a-round of proofs from date of order is usually within 24 (working) hours.

Obviously, the closer we get to Christmas, the busier we get, and so if we are swamped with requests, proofs may take up to 48 hours.

That being the case, we always contact you shortly after your request is received and let you know an expected delivery time.

To be honest... 95% of proofs are received sameday!

 What payment options are available to me?

B2B work on a stricly pro-forma basis. Only on agreement of your final proof do we offer you the chance to purchase the finished card - we then send a pro-forma invoice by email.

Within the email are payment instructions and a link to pay securely online using a credit/debit card or Paypal account.

Our company bank details are also included for BACS payments, along with Swift and IBan numbers, direct to our account.

B2B run a strictly 'paper free' office!
 How long does it take to receive my finished card?

As soon as you pay your pro-forma invoice, we are alerted in the office.

We then process our proof through to a finished, embedded email (invitiation if animated or video), and you will receive two emails within the next hour (or in most cases, much sooner).

The first email will be the embedded version for you to forward to your clients and staff as required. The second email contains full instruction on embedding the card yourself and has the finished card as an attachment.

You can also upload the finished card directly to your own email marketing software if required, and we can provide HD videos for use on your social media channels.

 I'm late ordering... how long will this process take?

We are asked this every year in the final week or days before Christmas, and in every case, there is no need to worry!

Our fastest turn-a-round has been 20 minutes from proof request to payment and delivery!

The process will take as long as you want it to - amount of amends, getting sign-off in-house, payment time &c.

If everything fits into place, it can be very quick and we will never ever let you down!

 I am not sure your service quite meets my needs!

Not a problem... pick up the phone, dial +44 (0)1223 869 400 and speak to a member of our friendly team! Alternatively, email us: info@b2bcards.co.uk

We are always happy to talk to you about design, the process, and how you can leverage the most from a B2B ecard.

You'd be surprised at some of the requests we've had over the years, but have always managed to fulfill client requirements and expectation to their complete satifaction.






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